Welcome to my homeland!

The Haslital, situated between Interlaken and Lucerne, is the valley with the most water in the beautiful Bernese Oberland. Thanks to the diversity of our waters, you can fish for brown trout, lake char, brook char, American lake char (Namaycush) and rainbow trout in the smallest of spaces. The diversity is also reflected in the different water structures, because you will find the right challenge for every fly fisherman, from the glacier stream to the source stream to the picturesque mountain lakes. If you are not afraid, you even have the unique opportunity to fish in the nearby Lake Brienz for the “queen” of the local salmonids, the lake trout, which has its spawning grounds largely in the Haslital.

My name is Kurt Zumbrunn, born and raised in the Haslital, and for half a century I have been fishing the surrounding waters here. I am jointly responsible for the management of the local fishing association and am an instructor for obtaining the Swiss fishing licence. I live my passion for fishing in the third generation. My ancestors helped to found the local fishing association in 1923 and my father also fished in these waters throughout his life. During my school time I helped in the club’s own hatchery, which gave me a very close relationship to the trout. In my youth years I got to know the fishing for the pure food acquisition. These times are long gone! Fishing has much more to offer than just making prey. The conscious experience of nature, observing and understanding connections, all this makes today’s perception of fishing very multifaceted.

For years I have been guiding guests from all over the world to our beautiful waters for fly fishing. The split fly rods made of bamboo, which are used during accompanied fishing trips, are all built by myself. Flies specially tied by me, which do not correspond to the standard patterns, as well as the hand-knotted leaders, specially adapted to mountain brook fishing, give you the certainty that you are equipped with perfectly coordinated material at the corresponding waters. Fly fishing is probably the most beautiful way of fishing, but certainly the most sustainable way to catch a fish. These circumstances make fly fishing in the Bernese Oberland the unique experience! Treat yourself to a few hours on the water with an experienced guide.

You won’t regret it.

Guided fly fishing in the Bernese Oberland
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