In their construction, the basic materials used and the care taken in manufacturing, all the presented rod models are identical. The spacer from the reel seat is made of burl birch, the end cap, the end ring to the handle and the thrust ring are turned from solid 21% nickel silver. The handle material is birch bark, which is turned, ground and polished to match the rod type. The winding check (handle finish), in turn, is turned from 21-percent nickel silver. The bamboo blank has a tri-hexagonal design and can be built hollow or solid. The bamboo tube used depends on the rod type and is individually selected by the rod maker.
Ringing optional. Short rods usually with lightwire rings made of titanium nitride or bronze. Plug sleeve turned from solid nickel silver.

With the different configuration options, each rod becomes unique!

Length: 180 to 196 cm
Line class: 3-4
Action: optional
This rod is used in small overgrown streams. Its shortness allows casts in the smallest space. Depending on the area of use and personal preferences, the rod action can be selected. This ensures an optimal interaction between caster, tackle and the situational requirements. Ideally suited as a trick casting rod, with an appropriately chosen configuration. Ideal presentation distances from 2 to 15 meters.

“The Wylye Special”
Length: 200 to 210 cm
Line class: 3-4/5
Action: optional
This rod can be used in a very versatile way and covers a wide range of our fishing requirements. It features an ideal length for both short and long presentations. Depending on the chosen rod action, it is the preferred trick casting rod, with which also casts of the Italian casting school succeed successfully. Ideal presentation distances from 4 – 20 meters.

Length: 220 to 228 cm
Line class: 4-5
Action: optional
The rod for medium to larger waters. Very well suited for aesche fishing! Smooth presentations, even at greater distances, distinguish this rod model. The rod is preferably made in a parabolic action, which makes it an absolute drill machine. Even heavy, strong fighting Aeschen are to be conquered with it in shortest Drill time fish-carefully. Ideal presentation ranges from 6 – 20 meters+.